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Anand Ahuja Adds 'S' To His Name.

Anand Ahuja adds 'S' to his name & shows what equality in a relationship truly Means. Changing names on social media or taking their partners' names isn't a big deal for most of us. In fact, after marriage most women do that, isn't it? But, when Sonam Kapoor changed her name to 'Sonam K Ahuja' on her social media platforms, everyone lost their minds. Many even trolled her for calling herself a feminist, when eventually she took up her husband Anand Ahuja's last name.

Anand just proved to the whole world what equality in any relationship truly means and earned our respect as well. Just like Sonam, Anand too changed his name and added Sonam's name to his. So his profile now reads 'Anand S Ahuja'.

In case you're confused and thinking that it can be the initial letter of his father, Sunil Ahuja's name too, you're not alone. We thought the same, but Sonam kind of cleared the confusion with her Instagram story.

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