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The 4th annual Diplomats Fashion Show.

Diplomats' ramp walked along with their families at the 4th Annual Diplomats Bridal Fashion Show with the title of Colours of Fusion, on Saturday. The performances were also the part of the show including drummers and a Saraiki Folk Dance that fascinated the audience. The show was held at the Alhamra, Lahore. Over 45 performers comprised of 35 expatriates and diplomats, including ambassadors from Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Poland participated. Performers also included diplomats and dignitaries from Belgium, Italy, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, US and representatives from United Nation High Commission for Refugees, United Nations Information Centre, World Food Programme, Asian Study Group, JICA and First Secretary Embassy of Japan.

Video Credits: Mr. Shehzad Aslam.

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