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Karachi in Bollywood and Karachi in Reality.

Welcome to Karachi is an upcoming movie of Bollywood which itself a mighty joke. The Karachi which has been shown in the movie is completely fictitious. I don't know why Bollywood has always something rootless to show. They shoot Switzerland locations to represent India though this time they have taken Bradford, Birmingham and Wales locations as Karachi but their way to create a false image of Karachi was quite scornful for me. So i thought to share a random wedding clip of Karachi to show Indians to please be real next time in the matters of Karachi, The fact is you are withering Karachiites with yours mocking behavior. I think they should research first as they can easily find many Karachi Images and videos online and facts between YouTube is the only service which is banned in Pakistan nor Whatsapp, Skype, etc. So kindly Have a Break to Have a Crack Comedy!

Karachi in Bollywood

Karachi in Lollywood

Karachi in Reality

P.S: This wedding video is available online for public view that's the reason I am sharing it as example. Pardon for any privacy matters and concerns.

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