10 Famous Pakistani Girls Ilk, must be around you.

Oh, yes she is!

There are so many types of girls around you in Pakistan. and I hope you can relate many from these Top 10 girls ilk of Pakistan.

1. The ultimate surprise 'Asking Machine'.
The lady who has always the expression of alien sort of surprise 'haaw'. She will never have an idea regarding what's happening around her. She would love to ask again and again like what's the new gadget, who is he, am i going to look good.. blah blah blah.. She is simply an evergreen Surprise-Asking Machine.

Asking Machine

2. The most law-abiding 'Ji Hazoor Girl'.
Yes, The Top 2nd girl in my listing is the most innocent, well behaved, lawful, righteous, honest and simply obedient girl who is in every family of Pakistan, Just wake up and get out of the bed and you will see her in-front of you..

Ji Hazoor

3. The 'Wink Master' Girl.
The flicker, glitter and the divine flutter is the top 3 girl who can be find very easily in our families and friends and i hope many will agree that those are the cutest devils as well.

Wink Master

4. The 'Cutie Little Pie' Girl.
The nightmare of all cute guys most especially of all the brothers whom get a cute little sister who always get all the love of elders and no one love to even kuchi wuchi koo to you anymore!! yes i can understand this is the bitter reality but She got the top 4 on the list, buhahaha!

Cute Sisters

5. The 'Street Player' Girl.
The street player is the girl who can do any thing like boys and yes she can whistle too. Hope you have already experienced of such Tomboy in yours neighborhood.

Street Player

6. The 'Depression' Queen.
This girl type is very common and righteous in our society but one strange thing is that they are always depressed and even can make you depress as well. They always have some weird faces/modes even when you are cranking up a silly joke, they can start their drama anywhere even at their own wedding night.

Depression Queen

7. The Hyper Foodie.
A girl who is always eating and not replying of any query that's the hyper foodie, she can do any thing to eat, eat and eat.. They are over excited on tables and for food only. She must be a good gourmet and can guide you the best food places in town but please don't ever bet on her taste buds.

The Foodie

8. The Big O Girl.
This is not a rare girl just because that she is on #8. She is the most common one who has always some shocking expressions and hash-tags like #OMG , #OOPS , #OYEHOE , #LOLZ and many more.. and please don't get shocked if you will find some one who is using these online slang in real life.

Hashtag GirlThe Hashtag Girl


9. The Hair Playing Girl.
It's a general problem in now days but its still unique and bit psycho for our elders when we start combing our own hairs with no reason. Come on! It justifiable, isn't it..buhaha!

Hair PlayerConfused

10. The Girl Gang.
And yes girls can't normally breathe in Pakistan without their own bunch of female friends. They move and grove around. And It is virtuous but beware they are the Top Bullying Champs, found on earth yet.

Girl Gang

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