Smash Mouth.

Smash Mouth is the well-known American music band. Smash Mouth performs in “pointed strong rock style” of music. This band is originated from the San Jose, which is the third largest city of California State of America. This band was come in the world of rock in the year 1994.

Smash Mouth has made also an album on their band name. It was released on 27 of November in the year 2001. This album gave many top rated songs. It was come in the genre of “Beach rock” and “Pop Punk”. “I am a Believer”, “Holiday in My Head”, “Pacific Coast Party” and “Out Of Sight” were the best hits of this album.

They have given their art pieces in many movies and television dramas. They have also given a song in the famous animated movie “Shrek”. The name of that song was “I am a Believer”. This song was originally of an old musical band “The Monkees”. “The Monkees” was sung this song first time in the year 1966.

Steve Harwell, Greg Camp, Kevin Coleman, Jason Sutter, Leroy Miller, Mitch Marine, Paul De Lisle and Michael Urbano have honored to be a part of this musical group. The group starts composing music first time for their unofficial album “The East Bay Sessions”. This album comes in the category of “Ska punk”.

Steve Harwell is legally known as Steven Scott Harwell. Steve is the lead vocalist of the group. He was born in the Santa Clara city of the California state. He is working as a musician since the year 1994. His son was died from the Cancer of bone marrow in the year 2001. Steve dedicated his all musical art pieces to his son “Presley Scott”.

Gregory Dean Camp is the founder of this musical group. He was born on 2nd of April in the year 1967, in the West Covina City of California State. He works as the guitarist and songwriter.

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