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How to create an Easy water body for yours Garden.

Water Bodies give live to any garden, and bring in little flying creatures like butterflies whom give so much more than just vivid color to the garden. They act as pollinators, moving pollen from plant to plant, helping your garden produce a generous harvest. This simple Butterfly Bath helps draw these winged beauties by providing them with a source of clean water and makes an eye-catching focal point for your garden! I am taking this project from P. Allen Smith.


  1. Two 14-inch terracotta pots
  2. One 20-inch terracotta saucer
  3. River rocks, pebbles, and/or other stones
  4. Potted plant
  5. Fruit (optional)
  6. Butterfly ornaments (optional)
  7. Water


  1. STACK two terracotta pots, inverting the bottom one (as shown at right). Top with a terracotta saucer. We used 14-inch pots and a 20-inch saucer, but almost any size will do.
  2. CREATE “islands” out of river rocks and/or other stones for butterflies to rest on while having a drink. For an added treat, consider putting out sliced fruit, such as oranges, to share with your colorful friends. (Just be sure to replace the fruit often.) Add a small pot of parsley, one of butterflies’ favorite herbs. You can also decorate with butterfly ornaments, if desired.
  3. ADD plenty of clean water, but don’t completely submerge the rock “islands” that you’ve built. Then sit back and watch the butterflies enjoy their garden oasis! - Resource

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