Pakistan women's cricket team's off-duty kurtas.

Pakistan women's cricket team has proven various times that they are the idols for women. Pakistan women's cricket team's off-duty kurtas are trending after the tremendous performances in recent T20 Worldcup 2016. No one can doubt on their skills and talent. Recently Pakistani women cricket team has played numerously brilliant so today I thought to share their official off-duty kit which was designed by Alkaram Studios under the program of #AlkaramStudioChamps.
Alkaram studio has recent designed this new off-duty kit for Pakistani Women Cricket Team. They designed this kit in 2015 and present to Pakistani and Bangladeshi Cricket teams in October, 2015 during the women ODI series of both teams. During the ceremony CEO of Alkaram Studio Mr. Abid Umer said that Alkaram Studio is always a step ahead in providing cutting-edge fashion solutions. Whether it’s lifestyle or a sport, Alkaram studio strives to cater to the fashion needs of Pakistani women.
Alkaram Studio has taken this initiative to design the official apparel of Pakistan Women’s cricket team in an off duty kit that embodies the national dress in pure white cotton, edged with dark green that is distinguished and will fly the Pakistan colors wherever they go for their tours and matches. You can also check the previous post of this ceremony for more photos. No doubt, our these hard working ladies have been looking so gorgeous in this new look, Let's check it out.

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