Set Your Diet as Your Blood Type.

I have already written a worthy piece of article on the diet related to blood types named as Eat Right For Your Blood Type , after the huge  public demand; i am putting some more and clear knowledge by scientists regarding to maintain diet with as your blood type. Strictly speaking, it’s not an anti-acne diet. It’s more of a diet for general wellness and weight management first advocated by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Its basic principle is that our blood type determines whether foods we eat affect us as medicine which nourishes us, plain food which fills us up or poison which makes us sick. The Blood Type Diet (BTD) ties these food rules with when each blood type first came to exist. Much like evolution, the BTD theory believes that when the world began, there was only one blood type. And through the years (and we’re talking about millions of years!), other blood types sprung out as new lifestyles and food became available to humankind.

Type Os were the first Cavemen
When I first read the book, I was very impressed with the whole idea but it was not until I’ve done further research that I realized I found the BTD historic data more entertaining than factual. According to BTD, the Type Os were the first to walk the earth. They were the first cavemen, the hunters and scavengers who took mostly meat. After the Type Os came the Type As, the farmers who harvested their own food and thrived on fruits and vegetables. When humans became more settled, the Type Bs came to exist and had access to most types of food. Following the so-called history of types O, A and B, it might be suffice to say that Type AB began during the big boom of the fastfood business? Kidding aside, type AB is the most recent blood type that shares the combined diets of all other blood types.
Below is a basic table that shows what the Blood Type Diet deems a suitable diet for each blood type. On the actual guidebook for each blood type, the lists are a bit more complicated and detailed. There are even tips on the appropriate exercise routines and schedules for each blood type and the health weaknesses and strengths of each.

Take each bite with caution
Amidst all the disapproving research that made me doubt the reliability of the Blood Type Diet, I closed an eye and went ahead with it. Apart from everything else about the diet lacking scientific proof, I could not find any historic data that’s not linked back to BTD promoters which proved blood types existed in a certain order–and that on itself is quite alarming. So why did I still fall into, possibly, just another fad diet?
It’s probably because being a Type A and having to follow the heavily vegetarian Type A diet didn’t sound so risky to me.

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