Eat like as your Palm size.

A diet where the size of your hand plays an important role is the newest hit in the world. It is about a simple measure of the amount of food that you can consume in order to avoid excess calories and fat.
Nutritionists have recently discovered that the main problem with overeating is that people don’t know how to serve food properly. So, if you eat a healthy salad with minimum calories everyday you think that you are eating properly. But, the amount that you consume can often lead to undesired results.
Therefore, by recommendation of top nutritionists, food should be measured based on the size of your palm.
The amount of margarine that you spread on a piece of bread must not be more than a third of your index finger, while a piece of meat should not be larger than your palm , without including your fingers in the measurement. The rest of the measurements are revealed in this picture.

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