Review on Supreme Court of Pakistan's situation of today.

Sajan re Jhoot mat Bolo, Khuda ke Paas Jana Hai.
(This song is for Government)

21st January 2012:
Chief Justice of Pakistan warned sindh gov. on target killings.
25th January 2012:
Attack on 4 Lawyers in Karachi, 3 killed and 1 injured.
"Sajan re Jhoot mat Bolo, Khuda ke Paas Jana hai"
25th January 2012:
The Supreme Court seeks explanation on prisoners’ killings.
"Sajan re Jhoot mat Bolo, Khuda ke Paas Jana hai"
30th January 2012:
The lawyer said four out of seven were admitted in a medical facility in Peshawar while three others were kept in an investigation center in Parachinar area.
"Wahan Hathi na Ghora hai, Wahan paidal hi jana hai"
The Supreme Court orders ISI, MI to produce 7 detainees on Feb 9.

Contempt of Court Case Against Prime Minister of Pakistan:
17th January 2012:
The Supreme Court issues contempt notice to PM Gilani.
19th January 2012:
Aitzaz Ahsan said that one paragraph of the NRO verdict was related to the president, however, the Constitution gives him immunity and the court should see the Constitution’s restrictions in his case.
"Bhala Kiejyeh Bhala Hoga, Bura Kiejiyeh Bura Hoga"
"Wahi likh likh kae kya hoga, yahin sab kuch uthana hai"
Justice Asif Saeed Khosa inquired whether the government will write the letter or not.
1st February 2012:
Aitzaz said he was not establishing the President’s immunity but rather was defending the constitutional thinking of the prime minister.
"Sajan re Jhoot mat Bolo, Khuda ke Paas Jana hai."
The Supreme Court said the question of President’s immunity should have been raised after writing the letter to the Swiss officials.
2nd February 2012:
The Supreme Court has ordered that PM has been summoned in the court on February 13.
Aitzaz Ahsan said after the decision that he would advise his client (the PM) to file appeal against the indictment.
"Akar kis baat ki pyarae, Yeh sar phir bhi Jhukana hai!"

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