8 Good Reasons To Start Walking Today.

As we all know fitness and healthy diet all are very important for a good life but some times we loose our hopes to improve our lifestyle. So its better to learn about good reasons of various physical exertions that could help us to keep or start doing it. In this article i have eight good medically proved reasons of walk.

1. Reduces the Risk of Coronory Heart Disease and Stroke
Brisk walk activates all the systems operating in the body and increase the activity of muscles and organs as well. Heart and brain being the most essential organs also get active, heart pumps more blood with maximum effort which strengthens its own muscles and increases the blood flow to whole of the body which gives additional nutrition and oxygen to every body part including brain. So the risk of heart disease and stroke is considerably decreased.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure
Reason of the high blood pressure is due to cholesterol deposition inside the blood vessels or the thickening of the vessels due to cholesterol, reason being excessive intake and minimal exertion, brisk walk can control this, by maximizing the body functions like increasing metabolism which helps to burn the excess fat in the form of calories.

3. Reduces Body Fat
Brisk walk increases the metabolism, burn excess calories, increases blood flow tones up the muscles and if regularly done, makes the person slim and smart.

4. Strengthens the Immune System of the Body
Walk increases immunity by secreting natural hormones like endorphins which fights against cold and flu effectively.

5. Help Control Diabetes
Brisk walk manages the levels of hormones in the body and keeps them at the optimum side. Insulin levels also remains balanced as the metabolism is increased and the excess calories are burnt, hence prevents obesity and in turn Diabetes.

6. Enhances Mental Well Being
When brisk walk becomes a regular feature, all the parts and organs become active and work maximum, all the things seem good and when the systems of body works well person feels extremely relaxed and happy.

7. Increases Bone Density, Thus Helps Preventing Osteoporosis
Brisk walk increases blood flow, which helps the essential salts and nutrients to reach every part including bones which in turn makes them strong and the bones remain dense as lack of minerals is prevented which usually causes hollow bones from inside which causes fractures.

8. Reduces the Risk of Cancer of Colon
Brisk walk make all the body muscles toned, so the smooth muscles of Gastro-intestinal tract also get activated which normalizes the motility, relieving constipation, as colon is the part of large intestine where absorption of water take place. If all the nutrients are properly absorbed, there would be no risk of cancer.

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