Solemnity Knowledge: Skeleton and Bones.

Solemnity Knowledge about Human Body
In this article you will find very interesting facts about our body. I have taken all the facts from a famous encyclopedia of Richard Walker. This research was based on the consultancy of Dr. Gabrielle Murphy.

Skeleton and Bones
Each skeleton has two hundred and six bones. An adult has 206 bones but a newborn baby has more than 300 bones. As we get older our original bones replace cartilage (the stuff that makes your nose and ear bendy) to make our bones longer and stronger. By weight our bones are stronger than steel. The smallest bone in our body is stirrup, it is like a rice grain and you can find it deep inside your ear. The largest bone is named as femur and it’s in our thigh. Skull is made up of 22 separate bones and the joint between bones of skull do not move. All joints of skull are put up together like a jigsaw puzzle.
Bones also make red blood cells. Bone marrow makes 2,000,000 red blood cells every second. There are two types of marrow; Fatty, Yellow marrow does not make blood cells. But red marrow found in your shoulder blades, ribs, breastbone and pelvis. Bone marrow only makes the same amount of red blood cells that have to replace with worn-out ones.
Gravity pulls our bones as we use them, and they grow stronger on earth because of force of gravity. But in space, there is no gravity, so the bones of astronauts get weaker. Mostly people think that bones are dead and made of dust but in reality inside of bones are consist of one-third water, full of nerves, blood vessels and cells that continuously rebuild and reshape bones of your body. The outer layer of bone has tubes of bony tissue running along it like rolled up newspaper. These tubes are known as compact bone.

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