Eagle and Rabbit.

Stories with Morals

Once there was an eagle sitting on a branch of one tree in jungle. He was relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature and his surrounding was also so calm and breezy. His stomach was so full and He thought of taking a nap. In between an innocent little rabbit came and asked eagle.
"Hey! Mr. Eagle can i sit and take a nap on ground under yours branch of tree?".
Eagle replied: "Yes, sure. You can relax on ground near my branch".
Rabbit thanked the eagle and start relaxing under the branch of tree.
In mean while one clever fox targeting that rabbit and came shortly with full speed and haunted him.

Moral: You can only relax alone when you reached to the higher post other wise rather you will be haunted by some cruel instincts of the society or some other clever person will take yours place in yours work place or personal life.

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