Paul the Octopus has found dead; today.

Paul the octopus was famous for his football world cup predictions. Paul was found dead earlier this morning in his aquarium. A public report has disclosed that he has died because of heart failure. He was a male common-octopus. Common-octopus belongs to the Octopus vulgaris classification. This specie of octopus is the most studied and researched. Paul was two years and eight months old. He lived eight more months then a common-octopus.

Paul served as an amazing sea creature in the Sea Life Centres of Germany. Sea Life Centres is commercial project of sea-life projection in Germany. These centers are proudly kept by Merlin Entertainments. Sea Life Centres has twenty-six branches round the globe including Belgium, England, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Portugal and United States of America.

Paul was a well-known citizen of Oberhausen. Oberhausen is a city of Germany. It is famous for its European route and industrial heritage. He was born in the month of January of the year 2008. He did swim his early days of life in the sea of England. He was captured from the English Channel near the coast of Weymouth. The Weymouth is a big coastal town of Dorset, England. There are also some rumors that Paul octopus was a part of the waters of Elba, Tuscany of Italy.

Oliver Walenciak was the tank-keeper of Paul octopus. Paul was predicting correctly since the year 2008. He predicted well-nigh all the matches of Germany of the “UEFA European Football Championship” of the year 2008. His four predictions were right in all the six predictions for Germany. He got famous in the FIFA world cup of 2010. In this tournament he predicted for seven matches and gave over all eight predictions. All the predictions were as accurate as he predicted. He got his retirement from predicting tournaments on the 12 of July of the year 2010.

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