Ramadan Menu: Especial Punjabi Yellow split peas.

This recipe is for 5 Persons. It is quite instant and very tasty, delightful dish for Ramadan and for normal Evenings. It is an especial punjabi recipe of yellow split peas with tamarind dip.

500gms of yellow split peas (chanae ki daal)
2 green chillies (chopped)
1 small onion
4 glasses of water
salt, cumin seeds (depends on taste)
2 tablespoon of oil for chaunk (tarka)

Add salt in water
Boil yellow split peas in water
Heat oil in a pan
Add onion, cumin seeds in heated oil
Chaunk yellow split peas with heated oil, cumin seeds / onion
Garnish yellow split peas with green chillies
Serve it in a dish with simple tamarind dip

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