Ramadan Menu: Spaghetti Kebab.

This recipe is for 10 kebabs servings. It is quite instant and very delightful for Sehri and Iftaar. This recipe is purely Halal and vegan and yummy sort of snack. You will need only 4 ingredients and 20 minutes (approx.) to impress your parents for in budget cooking.

Preparation Time: 5 mins        Cooking Time: 15 mins

  1. Take 2 packets of instant noodles (Maggi)
  2. Salt
  3. Chopped Green Chilies or Red Chilly Powder
  4. Butter or pure clarified butter (Ghee)
  1. Cook instant noodles pack as the written recipe on their packs
  2. Put in plate and let it reach to normal temperature
  3. Add Salt and chillie (depends on taste)
  4. Squeeze the matter with hands and give round shape like kebabs
  5. Heat the Butter or Banaspati Ghee (pure clarified butter)
  6. Fry the both sides of matter till it turns into golden brown

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