Michigan college foundation.

Michigan college foundation: Organization and Institutions

Michigan college foundation is an organization in the Michigan state of the United States of America. Michigan college foundation is a bunch of fourteen colleges of the Michigan state. Michigan name stands for the large lake and the large water. This State is the 8th most populous state in the America and this foundation is the 3rd largest institution in the state. All fourteen institutes are small colleges and serve well nigh nineteen hundreds students each year. Michigan college foundation has more then seventeen hundreds essential people as their staff and seventy-five academy major courses. It has more then one hundred fifty thousands alumni which are from the home state Michigan. The Institutions of the Michigan college foundation are recognized by the North central association of colleges and the secondary schools.

These colleges serve all categories of liberal arts and generally known as Liberal arts colleges or institutes. Liberal arts colleges are institutes of higher education which gives undergraduate certificates in the United States of America. Michigan college foundation was developed in the year of 1949. “MCF” is an abbreviation of Michigan college foundation. Michigan college foundation was developed for providing worthy education to the students, with guaranteed quality of education and leaning physical activities.

Recognized Institutes

Michigan college foundation has given authority certification to the Adrian College, Madonna University, Albion College, Kalamazoo College, Alma College, Mary Grove College, spring and Siena University, Andrews University, Hope and Calvin College, Aquinas Institute, Olivet College, and Hillsdale College. All the institutions are always keen to reach their goal of value education, developing leadership qualities with the basic roots character values and the interest of constant learning.

Scholarship Programs

Michigan college foundation scholarship program was introduced first time in the year of 1998; Michigan college foundation also launches “annual scholarship programs”, in which the donors support around one hundred fifty students for the higher education in the listed fourteen institutions. There are various donors give ultimate scholarship programs for giving wide range of choices to the students. The Comerica minority scholarships, The Daimler corporation awards, consumers’ energy minority internships, ford motor scholarships, general motors scholarships, food service scholarship, The JSJ corporation scholarship, The LaSalle bank scholarships, UPS foundation scholarship, Frederick foundation scholarship, MCF staff scholarships and many others are the vital scholarship programs of Michigan college foundation.

Board of Education

There are more then fifty members of the board whom are serving as a counsel, associate, vice president, operations, attorney, director of Bank Development and others. There are multiple presidents of this foundation, proudly working under the one flag. Mr. Mary Margaret Albert is the president of Michigan college foundation. He has done doctorate. Dr. Albert is also serving in the Siena Heights University which is the part of the foundation. Larry P. Arnn is also a president of the board. He is also a doctorate and working under the Hillsdale College of America. Niels-Erik Andreasen is one of the doctorate presidents of the Michigan college foundation. Erik is teaching in the Andrews University.

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