Airplane Movie.

Airplane Movie is famous American film. Airplane Movie was come in the genre of graphical, fiction and sitcom movies. It was a success release of the year 1980. This movie was released under the banner of Paramount Pictures. This Movie is still count as the second popular comedy movie of the United States of America.

The acting cast of the movie was “Peter Aurness Graves”, “Julie Hagerty”, “Robert Hays”, “Leslie William Nielsen”, “Kareem Abdul Jabbar”, “Stephen Stucker” and many other fine actors. All the technical music of the film was by the well-known musician “Elmer Bernstein”.

The sequel of “Airplane Movie” was also a hit movie of the year 1982. It was named as the “Airplane Two” but it was got popular with the name of “Flying High Two”. The cast of this second sequel was also the same with the same adoring theme of the characters.

David Zucker, Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams were the directors and writers of this movie. These three priors are commonly known with the name of ZAZ Group. “ZAZ” is the abbreviation of “Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker”. This group was started working in the “Kentucky Fried Theatre” in the year 1977.

Jim Abrahams was born on 10 of May in the year 1944, in the Shorewood City of the Wisconsin State of America. Jim is a well known Director, Screenwriter and Producer of Hollywood. He has compiled many movies with huge success such as Police Squad, Top Secret, Big Business and Scary Movie Four.

David Zucker has successfully directed Superhero Movie, An American Carol and two sequels of Scary Movie. Jerry Zucker has also given many hits to the Hollywood film industry. He was born on 11 of March in the year 1950, in the Milwaukee City of the Wisconsin State of America. Ghost Movie was a marvel piece of his direction. Jerry has recently directed the Rat Race Movie.

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