Jason Priestley.

Jason Priestley is a famous Canadian and American actor. Jason Priestley is legally known as “Jason Bradford Priestley”. He is also a well-known director of various films. He was born on 28 of August in the year 1969. Jason was born in the Victoria City, which is the capital city of British Columbia State of Canada.

Jason is famous for his role of the television drama series “Beverly Hills”. Beverly Hills telecasted first time on 4October in the year 1990. This American drama series went air till seventeen of May of the year 2000. Beverly Hills was a creative piece of Darren Star. It was a teen life drama. It was conclude on the 296 episodes.

He started his acting career from “The boy who could fly”. It was famous movie and leads him to American television as well. He has done many remarkable roles in various movies like “No where to Run”, “Calendar Girl”, “Tombstone”, “Cold Blooded”, “Hacks”, “The Highway man”, “Going the Distance” and “Made in Brooklyn”.

He has played major roles in “Air wolf”, “Vanishing Point”, “Superman”, “8 Simple Rules”, “Masters of Horror”, “Everest 82”, “Expecting a Miracle” and in many other television drama series. He has also hosted a show “Saturday Night Live” after the year 1990.

He is coming back to Television screen in the role of a teen age sales man. This character is based on a looser, which is stuck on a post from fifteen years. He has done “The Day of the Triffids” Television series in the last year 2009.

Jason Priestley is working since the year 1986. He has three sisters Justine Priestley, Karin and Kristi. Justine is also a Canadian actor and she is the only real sibling of him, other two siblings are stepped. He has got marry twice. Jason got marry with famous actress Ashlee Petersen in the year 1999 and divorced her in the year 2000. He is presently married with Naomi Lowde. They got marry in the year 2005.

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