George Stephanopoulos Wife.

George Stephanopoulos wife has surprised George in the Good Morning America show of today on 10 of February, when he turned in the 49 years old guy. Ali shocked him with her comedian style and strange acts on screen despite she has also gave him coffee ice cream cake. He was born in the year 1961.

George Stephanopoulos wife is Alexandra Wentworth. Alexandra is popularly known as Ali Wentworth. She is a famous American actress, comedienne and author. Ali was born on 12 of January in the year 1965. She was born in the Washington City of the District of Columbia.

She was got marry with George Stephanopoulos on 20 of November in the year 2001. She has two daughters with George. Elliott Anastasia and Harper Andrea are the name of their sweet daughters.

She is daughter of vital personality “Mabel Muffie Cabot”. She has done marvel roles in the film like Jerry Maguire, Trial and Error, Office Space and The Real Blonde. She has played major roles in “In Living Color” and “Seinfeld” television series. She anchored a famous television show “Living It Up with Ali & Jack”.

She was hosting this show in the year 2003 with Jack Ford. She is acting in the “Head Case” series of American Stars Television network. She has been also a part of Friday live segment of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” from the Chicago City.

George Stephanopoulos is a well-known television journalist of America. George is working as a chief political correspondent of the ABC News channel of America. He is anchoring as a lead host of Good Morning America Show (GMA).

He joined ABC network in the year 2009. He has done news anchoring job on World News with Diane Sawyer. He has also served as a political adviser in the administration of President Clinton.

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