Frisbee Inventor Dies.

Frisbee inventor dies in the last week. Walter Fredrick Morrison was the famous inventor of well-known inventory “Frisbee”. Frisbee inventor dies on Tuesday 9 of February in this year 2010. Frisbee inventor dies at the age of ninety years. Walter Fredrick Morrison was famous with the name of “Fred Morrison”.

The son of Fred has announced today that his father was found dead in his home of the Monroe City in the Utah State. Fred was born on 23 of January in the year 1920. He was born in the Richfield, which is the largest city in southern central of the Utah State of America. He was the former Second World War pilot of the Air force of United State of America.

He flew “P-47 Thunderbolt” in the airs of Italy in the world war two. He was a prisoner in Italy for forty eight days after his fighter plane was crammed down. Frisbee was firstly called as "Flying Cake Pans". The inventor tested this disc firstly in the Santa Monica City of the California State.

This disc was firstly known with its initial name “Whirlo Way”. Fred designed sketch of “Whirlo Way” in the year 1946. Warren Franscioni bought the idea of “Whirlo Way” in the year 1948. Warren paid Fred to build a perfect design for molding this idea into the plastic material. The Wham-O Toy Company was bought the rights of making flying discs commercially on 23 of January in the year 1957.

Frisbee was the first creation of human mind which leads the men towards the idea of the Flying discs, Flying saucer and Frisbee rides. Frisbee is commonly called as flying discs. Frisbee is round shaped plate. It is made of plastic material. The diameter of Frisbee is mostly around twenty to twenty five centimeters or eight to ten inches.

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