Earthquake IL.

Earthquake IL was hit the land at four in early morning of today on 10 of February. Government of United States of America has confirmed that earthquake jolts magnitude was recorded on seismometer as four point three. People felt horrifying jolts. Earthquake hits northern areas of Illinois State of America.

Government of the United States of America has reported that Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa and southern Wisconsin have also felt tremors of earthquake, which hit early morning today. Chicago, Virgil and Sycamore cities; Citizens have felt high jolts. People said that their books thrown out of the shelves.

Earthquake IL’s tremor was at its high force in the cities of Virgil and Sycamore. This is the second earthquake of its own kind in Illinois State of America. In April of the year 2008, earthquake temblor of Illinois State of America was seismograph as five point four magnitudes. No death, major injuries and indispensable damages has reported in the Illinois State yet as well as Government of United States of America has not confirmed any accident in this State.

Earthquake is a force which ruptures of inner layers geological faults of earth. The high amount of energy and friction cause a reaction for which is named as jolts, tremors of earthquake. Three magnitude tremors are lower categorical earthquakes though the seven and eight magnitude tremors are highly distractive earthquakes. Recently a high magnitude of earthquake hit Haiti, which is an African city.

Illinois State is the twenty first state of United States of America. Population ranking of this state is very high. It is geologically situated in Midwestern area of American Map. Springfield is the capital city of Illinois. Chicago is the largest and popular city of this state. Barack Obama and many famous American Presidents have elected from this state.

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