Brown demands to be seated.

Brown demands to be seated on his newly elected office position soon. Brown demands to be seated before eleven of February of this year 2010. Brown is legally known as “Scott Philip Brown”. Scott Philip Brown is the famous American Lieutenant Colonel, Lawyer, Judge Advocates and Politician. Brown has demanded his new senate seat in the letter to “Governor Deval Patrick” and Secretary of the Commonwealth “William Galvin”.

Brown has recently elected as a senator on 19 of January of this year 2010. Scott Brown has elected from the Massachusetts State of United States of America. He belongs from Republican Party of America. Brown was born on 12 of September in the year 1959. He was born in the Kittery Town of the Maine State of United States of America.

Brown completed his graduation from the “Wakefield High School” of Wakefield City. He got his Bachelors of Arts degree from the Tufts University of Boston. He did his Juris Doctor education from the “Boston College of Law”. Brown is living in the Wrentham City of the Massachusetts State of America. He is married with American journalist “Gail Huff”. Scott Brown and Gail Huff have two daughters.

Senator Brown has sworn into the office of “Edward Moore Ted Kennedy”. Senator Kennedy was a member of American Democratic Party. Scott Brown has defeated “Martha Coakley” on 19 January of this year 2010. Martha is a member of Democratic Party of America.

He has favored “Death penalty policy”, “Patients' rights policy”, “Same-Gender marriages” policy and “Health care reform” policy of United States of America. He has always been in favor of “Energy policy”, which deals in increasing solar, wind and nuclear power of America. Brown has supported Foreign policy of American President Barack Obama though Brown has never supported Illegal Immigration, partial-birth abortions, billions dollars tax on banks policies of America.

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