Bill Brady.

Bill Brady is a famous politician of America. Brady is formally known with his full-name “William E. Bill Brady”. Bill Brady was born on 15 of May in the year 1961. He was born in the Bloomington City of Illinois State, which is the 21 state of United States of America.

Bill Brady completed his graduation from “Central Catholic High School”. He also studied in an independent undergraduate university “Illinois Wesleyan University” of Bloomington City, Illinois. Bill Brady is married with Nancy. Brady and Nancy have one daughter and two sons.

William Bill Brady is the member of Senate from the forty four district of the Illinois state. William Bill Brady is affiliated with one of the top political party “The Republican Party” of United States of America. The Republican Party is the party of well-known presidents of America including Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and others.

William Bill Brady is an announced candidate from American Republican Party for the election of Illinois State’s Governor. The elections of Illinois State will be on 2 of November in this year “2010”. Kirk Dillard and Andy McKenna are the tough runners for William E. Bill Brady in Illinois election of 2010.

Kirk W. Dillard is a famous Republican senator in Illinois State Senate. Andy McKenna is also known as Andrew McKenna. Andrew McKenna has also served as a chairman of Illinois Republican Party.

The elections are holding for main representative positions of The Illinois House. The Illinois House comes under the Illinois General Assembly. Illinois State has Springfield City as the capital and Chicago City as the metro-hub of the state. Illinois State works under the constitution of the year1818. Democrat Rod Blagojevich was the last elected governor of Illinois. He was removed under the crime charges allegations on 8 January in the year 2009.

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