Ashleigh Mcivor.

Ashleigh Mcivor is a famous Canadian Sports Personality. She is a free style skier. Ashleigh Mcivor was born on 15 of September in the year 1983. She was born in the Vancouver City of the British Columbia State of Canada. She is settled in the Pemberton Valley of the British Columbia State.

Ashleigh Mcivor has got the first rank in Finals of Women's Ski Cross on 23 of February of this year. She has said that she has never expect from herself to lead as a first free style skier of winter Olympics. She has won many gold silver medals till today. She is playing from the National Ski Cross Team of Canada. She has become the first gold medalist lady in the Woman's Ski-Cross game of Winter Olympics 2010. Winter Olympics games begin on 12 of February.

She has recently won the first silver medal of her carrier in the Aspen City of America. She has won this award in the Winter X Games XIV. These games were ninth consecutive of the Winter X Games. These games were started from 28 of January and concluded on 31 of January of this year 2010.

She is expert in the Ski Cross and the Big Mountain fields of skiing games. She is on second rank internationally. Bell, Oakley and Cold-FX are legal sponsors of Ashleigh. She joined Canadian club of skiers in the age of 18. She has faced a serious leg injury in the age of sixteen. She showed her first performance in the Beijing Olympics of the year 2008.

Ashleigh won World Championship first time in Inawashiro Town of Japan, in the year of 2009. Mcivor has owned many medals in the Cypress Mountain of the year 2009. She has also won silver credit in these games. She earned third rank in FIS World Cup of the years 2008 and 2009.

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