Wheres George.

“Wheres George” is a “currency bill tracking” website. Currency bill tracking system tracks movement of banknotes, denomination and dollar bills. “Wheres George” is serving American citizens since December of the year 1998. This wbsite is created by an American database consultant “Hank Eskin” in Brookline which is the Town of Norfolk County of Massachusetts State.

“Where’s George” is available in American English Language. “Where’s George” website claims that it has over 165,999,888 Bills data. “Wheres George” name is a deprivation of “George Washington” who was the 1st President of the United States of America. George Washington’s picture portrait is also on the one dollar bill of America. “Where’s George” has also a twin website which is named as “Where’s Willy”.

“Where’s Willy” is on the name of “Sir Wilfrid Laurier” who was the 7th Prime Minister of Canada. This website also deals as money circulation tracker in Canada. “Where’s Willy” website is available in English and French languages. This website was created in the year of 2001. “Wheres Willy” website’s active running version is two point two (2.2). This version’s design is colored by dark-blue, grey and white colors.

“Where’s George” website is very informative, educational and it provides fun learning to juniors. This website works with simple process of tracking user’s bill. This system of tracking works with zip-code, serial number and series of dollar bill. Users track their own dollar bills by entering zip-code with the serial number of dollar bill and international currency series.

The newer version of website is two point zero (2.0). It is colored with green, white, black, grey and red colors format. “Where’s George” website is running from the funds of advertising and sales of the places of the web pages. “Hank Eskin” makes friends of the “Where’s George” website by enabling users to pay seven dollars per month.

“Where’s George” is also on famous web networking portals like twitter.com and facebook.com. Most of the old users like this new up gradation of the “Where’s George” website.

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