Vespa Ape.

Vespa Ape is three wheel scooter. This commercial vehicle was first time found in the year of 1948, though its current vehicle version was appeared in the year of 1957. It was made by an Italian company Piaggio. Vespa Ape is pronounced as Vespa Ah-peh. Vespa Ape is also known as Piaggio Vespa Ape and Piaggio Ape.

After the world war, Italy was badly affected and it can not afford to make new vehicles economically, during this terrible econimoic crush-down phase, Italian company “Piaggio/Vespa” came with the idea of three wheeler vehicle in the year of 1947. This idea was presented by Corradino D'Ascanio and had a basic-root from Japanese rickshaws concept of 1897.

Vespa Ape is popularly using in todays’ time as for commercial purposes of goods transportation and as human servicing transport. Auto Rickshaw, Cycle rickshaw, three wheeler, Tricycle, Motorcycle sidecar and Envirofit are refined vehicles of Vespa Ape.

Rickshaw or Auto Rickshaw is refined shape of Human transporting “Vespa Ape”. Speed of Auto Rickshaw comes in relatively low measures. It is mostly found in South-Asian countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka and India. Auto Rickshaws have a larger input in these countries public-transport. Rickshaws of Pakistan are proud of the country’s folk culture with verity of colors and designs with traditional esteems.

Vespa Apes are also found in European and African countries such as United Kingdom, Netherlands, Peru, Ireland and South Africa. Its system is resemble with vespa and scooter concepts includings its handles, brakes, engine.

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