Stenograph is a typing machine. Stenograph was invented by a German inventor “Karl Drais” in the year of 1830. Karl Drais was born on 29 April in the year of 1785. He invented wood-saving cooker, two-wheeler basic principle of bicycle and many other inventions till his death. He died on 10 December in the year of 1851. Stenograph was the first ever idea of today’s Keyboard.

Karl Drais invented typewriter and its keyboard in the year of 1821. Later on he worked on Stenograph as creating a modified design of type-writer. Stenograph is commonly known as Stenotype, court reporting machine and chording machine. Those who type with Stenograph are called as stenographers.

“Short-hand” typing style is the degree of Stenographer. Stenograph makes task easy for secretaries and court reporters of today. “Miles B. Bartholomew”, “Marc Grand Jean” and “Ward Stone” experimented on this device, after the inventor of this machine “Karl Drais”.

In now day’s “stenograph machine” is also working like a high quality networking device, it attaches with computer and microphone to make it faster and experimental. Stenograph was invented with wood-case and metallic joints though the latest machine is compact in-size and mini computer, including operating system’s display with 200 pages storing memory card.

Stenograph has made of twenty five keys. A Stenograph can write more than three hundreds words in a minute through short-hand typing method. This typing machine is extremely effective for writing of courts testimonies and many official works. This style gives an easy option to writer to save data with speed of around two hundreds thirty words in a minute.

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