Roger Federer vs Andy Murray.

Roger Federer vs Andy Murray was a hard final “singles” tennis match of Australian Open. Roger Federer has won Australian Open’s final of the year 2010. Andy Murray faced worst defeat today by Roger Federer. Andy Murray ended first round with 45 percents, which was a low rank. This percentage gave a good chance to Federer for continuing the concept of playing.

Roger Federer was born on August 8, in the year of 1981. He is a Swiss Professional Tennis Player. This twenty eight years old player is on the first position of singles tennis from the last two thirty seven weeks. He lives in Wollerau City of Switzerland.

Andy Murray was born on 15 May in the year of 1987. He is number one Britain player. He born in Glassgow city of Scotland.

Roger Federer led “Roger Federer vs Andy Murray” match with 6-3 in the first round, 6-4 in the second round and 7-6 in the last round of Grand Slam final. Grand Slam is the category of Tennis tournaments of Australian Open. Men and Women, both matches held under the grand slam tournaments of Australian open.

Australian open tournament was first ever played in the year of 1905 in the Melbourne Park in the Melbourne city of Australia. Mixed doubles, juniors and wheelchairs tournaments also take place in the grand slam of Melbourne.

Rafael Nadal won Grand Slam Singles of Australian Open in the year of 2009. This year, Rafael Nadal has defeated from the quarter finals of grand slam tournament.

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