Rip Torn Arrested.

Rip Torn Arrested in a bank with enough legal evidences. Police has reported that Rip Torn was stealing 100,000 American dollars from the locked bank. Rip Torn was drunk and armed at the crime spot. He was arrested in the Salisbury City of the Connecticut state of the United States of America. Rip Torn is living in Salisbury city as well.

Rip Torn Arrested on Friday Night, 30 January, 2010 while robbing the Litchfield Bank in Salisbury. Rip Torn has been arrested many times in various allegations of car accidents and driving while drunk. Rip Torn is a famous American television, stage and screen actor, Rip Torn has awarded by six Emmy Awards, American Comedy Award, CableACE Awards and Satellite Award of the year 1997.

He has been nominated in Oscar. Torn will be 79 years old in next month. He is serving in entertainment field since 1956. Rip Torn was born on 6 February in the year of 1931 in the Temple City of Bell County of the Texas State of United States of America.

Rip Torn got married three times. He married with an American actress “Ann Wedgeworth” in the year of 1955. After six years conflicts, Torn divorced “Ann Wedgeworth” in the year of 1961. He got married again almost after two years with Academy Award-winning and two time Emmy Award winning American actress “Geraldine Page” in the year of 1963.

This marriage continues till Geraldine’s death. She died on 13 June in the year of 1987. Torn is recently married with an American actress “Amy Wright”. They bound in the knot of relationship of marriage in the year of 1989.

Rip Torn deputed in Baby Doll in 1956. Torn has given remarkable performance in Time Limit, King of Kings, Beautiful dreamers, Beyond the Law, Letter to my Killer, Dolly Dearest, Men in Black and The Sisters. He has acted last year in “American Cowslip”, “Bridge of Names” and “Happy Tears”.

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