Meteor Storm.

Meteor Storm is also known as Meteor Shower and Meteor Outbursts. Most people assume that meteor storm is consists of asteroids in fact this myth is not true. Meteor Storm is a storm of “rock size sand particles”, known as meteors. Meteors come from our solar system. These particles made in the reaction of debris.

Meteor Storm can shower 1000 boulders in an hour. These boulders or meteors are commonly known as fireballs and bolides. Meteors become fireballs when they hit atmosphere of earth which is also named as Meteorsphere. This sphere is 64m above in the ear from earth. Meteors produced high-sounds rarely.

Scientists say that in this year Meteor Storm will be on its peak in the month of February, from 8 to 21. There are many films are made related to this science topic.
All films were fiction films like “Meteor”, starring Sean Connery and Natalie Wood, this film released in 1979. There is also a same named “Meteor” popular TV miniseries. “Meteor” TV series has telecasted on NBC in the year of 2009.

There is also a new TV Series “Meteor Storm” has aired on 30 January, 2010 at 9m on Syfy Channel. This series is in hot-gossips of today as this series has claimed real like meteor storm. This meteor storm will hit San Francisco in this drama and will become huge destroyer. Michael Trucco a famous actor is included in new cast of this series. Michael Trucco is hope full to give boost to this series.

Michael Trucco has appeared in the role of Disaster Official of San Francisco.

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