Garrett Hartley.

Garrett Hartley is 23 years old American football Place-kicker. He born in the Southlake city of Texas State, on 16th of May 1986. He is one of the top man from 94.54% White ethnic community of Southlake. He started his career from Oklahoma collage football team.

He has been sign by a professional American football team “New Orleans Saints” in third last month of the year 2008. Earlier, He was signed for Denver, Colorado’s famous, professional American football team “Denver Broncos” in the fourth month of 2008.

New Orleans Saints plays in National Football League (NFL). Garrett Hartley has been ban for the four matches in the recent session of football of NFL. National Football League banned Hartley for using “Adderall” Drug which is a brand-name of “psycho stimulant medicine”.

This psycho stimulant medication is commonly known as Stimulants. Stimulants can high mental and physical energy levels and increase stimulation of both functions. Despite this Hartley has refused this fact and said that he often uses these pills to stay awake in driving through high-ways.

This “five feet eight inches Place-kicker” has a big-role in New Orleans Saints as he is 2 years experienced player who is responsible for the kicking duties of field goals and extra kickoffs for New Orleans, Louisiana’s professional football team New Orleans Saints. In the last game, Hartley has kicked a 40-yard field goal on the opening possession of the NFL football game.

New Orleans Saints has refused this ban of NFL on Hartley. National Football League’s officials said that they have already passed their remark in a letter to Garrett Hartley on 24 of January 2010 and Hartley claimed that he is received it after 24 of January.

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