Cupcake Car.

Cupcake car is an electric vehicle. It’s found in the year of 2004. This car is also popular as the name of Mobile Muffins. It is designed by Lisa Pongrace with the help of Greg and Paul whom all are Bay Area artists. This car is build up with Muffin mockups, folded sides, metal sheets, wires, fabric, wood, foam, electric motor, cycle batteries, steering and wheels.

This car was first time showed on Boing Boing Tv in a video of “Cupcake Cutthroats” and it has also appeared in “Burning Man back”. It starts getting more popular after these TV promotions. And now most of the famous companies charge $25,000 for each car which is a huge amount in public opinion.

The idea behind the car was not only to promote the cupcakes and bakers but also to give riders a new pleasure of electronic cars. Its basic structure is like an electric wheelchair. The rider gets a cupcake car’s hat which looks like a toping of original cupcake. The normal standard motors can go over the speed of 150 mph but the highest speed of cupcake car is not more than 7 mph which is especially more comfortable for kids.

Crowd of kids admire to chase these cars in parades. Initially the idea of cupcake cars was not the same as like today’s cupcake cars. In the session of building up these cars; designers and builders realized to cover it from top with foam padding, fabric, springs, color sheets and decorative products to make it funky and attractive.

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